Taste with health

There is a lot more than ingredients that make up our food. There is love, affection, thinking, care. This is what makes Mom's food unique for kids. We want to treat you the way we treat our families. We have started our journey with following 


Leverage organic ingredients 

We have gone out of way to ensure that all our products are made with mostly organic ingredients.  For instance, our samosa has all organic ingredients except for salt, our Mango Lassi is 100% organic. We believe in making all our food from scratch, using fresh produce and using all organic Ingredients. We believe in Organic products and their effect on our health as Future.

Pick the correct oil and cooking temperature

Choosing the right oil for frying is the key in making Healthy Indian Street Food specially Samosas and Aloo Vadas. Oils are stable when they have

  1. High smoking point 

  2. High Mono-saturated and saturated fats

  3. Low on Poly-saturated fats to avoid oxidization.

We use Olive oil and Avocado oil as they are amongst the best oils to use for frying and carefully watch the temperature to ensure no oil burn. Read more here


"Samosa at Simplydesi is very unique and very different than other Indian restaurants. We loved it."

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